Society has been under pressure to appear a certain way for a long time. This pressure comes in many forms; the adverts we watch, the billboards we see and in the glossy magazines we read. These examples can impact society negatively and consequently provoke unhealthy behaviours. Such as drug abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, unnecessary plastic surgery, mental health issues and a perpetuating cycle of self-loathing. More specifically, fashion magazines aimed at women and men, encourage bad relationships with our own bodies. This is caused by carefully chosen terminology, imagery and themes that focus on idealistic, usually unachievable, body types. These commercial messages keep people stuck in a never-ending struggle with their physiques. It’s time we oppose this pressure, and communities all over the world are coming together to do so. These communities are built and sustained on shared positive attitudes and the acceptance of all bodies no matter size, appearance or form. 


The Body Positive Movement is happening. 

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