It would appear that, with digital and technological evolution, society has become increasingly engaged with these elements. As a consequence to this, we have entered into an age of ‘selfie’ culture. More than ever, people are frequently liberated by expressing themselves through the form of selfie taking and engaging with social media. Some say, that taking a selfie enhances how they feel about themselves and use it as a form of online communication. However, there can be negative effects to this form of online self-declaration; addiction, narcissism and low self-esteem are common occurrences with relation to this subject. 


This project focuses on Selfie Culture and the detrimental impact it can have on people. I have created a photographic series depicting, Rowena Serena. A character that goes to extreme lengths to create an idealist online status in search of affirmation and attention. I have designed this project in order to encourage dialogue and debate around the selfie and the repercussions to this type of visual articulation. 


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